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I’m Sara-May. I help aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners to plan, design, build and launch their websites, the right way.
For the last 9 years, I’ve been wrangling websites. First, as a hobbyist blogger, then a part-time professional blogger, a full-time professional blogger and most recently as a full-time digital consultant, running multiple sites including a popular beauty blog, a large parenting community group and a number of client websites.

If there’s a mistake to be made in the world of WordPress and website design, I can guarantee you, I’ve probably made it. But I can also promise you, these mistakes were not made in vain. I’ve learned from every mistake that I’ve made, I’ve refined my process, and I take a holistic approach to every site I work on. I design beautiful, purposeful websites. I build secure, optimised websites. The end result is a website that is a pleasure to use, that’s functional, and that converts like crazy.

My story.
It all began 10 years ago, when I was starting my own business, knew I needed a website, and had NO IDEA where to begin.

“No worries!” I thought. After all, I was married to a software developer, and he was obligated, as a supportive and sweet husband, to build me the website of my dreams, right?

Well he did (and a damn good job he did too). The only problem was that as my business evolved, and my business model changed, I couldn’t manage or maintain my website by myself.

While my husband was incredibly helpful and supportive, he was also extremely busy. This meant that my website fell further and further down his list of priorities. I knew that if I wanted to take my business seriously, I had to have control over my site.

I researched various website solutions, and after much deliberation, I settled on WordPress. We migrated my website over to WordPress 9 years ago, and it was the best decision I could have made.

I fell in love with the platform, spent countless hours honing my skills, and building my expertise. The rest, as they say, is history.

More than a Developer

I come from a marketing background, and have a deep passion for branding. These are 2 qualities that are unusual for a developer.

Typically, software developers focus on technology and online best-practice, without necessarily having any interest in, or knowledge of marketing, branding or design.

If you’re a solopreneur, a small business, a start-up or an SME, chances are that a traditional software developer is not the right choice for your website. For most business websites hiring a developer would be technical overkill, while potentially neglecting the core function of your website as a marketing tool.

By choosing to work with me, you can rest assured that you are working with an industry professional who not only understands the technology, and builds websites to industry best practice, but I do so while balancing the marketing, branding and design needs of your business.

More than a Designer
I am highly technical in the online space, with a deep understanding of online best practice. These are 2 qualities that are unusual for a designer.

Hiring a designer to build your website often means that you end up with a beautiful looking website that is not as secure, protected and SEO optimised as it could possibly be. In my experience, it can also mean your site may not have the solid, practical marketing focus it needs to be a truly useful business asset.

You could hire a designer to look after the front-end of your website (how it looks), and a developer to look after the back end of your website (how it works).

OR you could hire me to manage the entire design and development process, and rest easy knowing you’ll end up with a beautiful website that matches your brand perfectly, custom designed to become your business’ best sales tool, and is safe, secure and optimised for search engines.

Numbers talk, so let me throw a few numbers your way:

hrs of WordPress
Can you build your own website with WordPress? Sure you can, but with experience comes expertise, and I’ve racked up the hours working with WordPress, so you know I’ll be fast, reliable and get shit done.

Cups of Coffee

I build websites that are powered by WordPress and supercharged by a hypercaffeinated me.

hrs of Branding
I can work with you to create a visual brand, a brand bible, and the corresponding brand assets for your website, including logos, photos and other graphic elements.

Satisfied Clients
I work with businesses across many industries, including health and wellness, beauty, hospitality, online communities, consultants, coaches and freelancers. I’ve worked with multinationals, SME’s, start-ups and solopreneurs.
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