No Dramas.

Managed Website Hosting
Keeping your website
online and Up to date.
You have a WordPress website, and you love it, but you’re too busy to keep up with your website maintenance.

My Managed Website Hosting service is perfect for you. I host your website on super-fast servers, located across 3 continents. This ensures fantastic uptime, and excellent site-speed, no matter where your website visitors are in the world. I run regular backups, follow up on security threats, and keep your WordPress core, website theme and plugins up-to-date. Because who has time to do all that?


What do you get?
When you commission me to manage your website hosting, you’ll get the following.
Expert Support
Giving you access to my expert support, including relocating your site to my servers, and offering a 10% discount on all non-hosting related website support.
Website Audit
When relocating your site to my managed website hosting service, you’ll get a complimentary site audit, so you know that your site is safe, secure and optimised.
Daily Backup
You’ll be able to rest assured that no matter what, your site is safe, with regular full backups, stored away from the site servers, ready to be used in case of emergency.
Good quality websites require frequent updates for security, functionality and new technologies. I’ll make sure your site is kept up-to-date in a regular, timely manner.
Modern Hosting
I have 5 servers on 3 continents, so you have peace of mind that your site will be online and lightning fast, no matter where in the world your customers are.
Your site will be pro-actively monitored and protected against malware, hackers and software vulnerabilities to the full extent possible.
I will use Google’s own tools, as well as my extensive knowledge of SEO to make sure your site is fully optimised, and thus, ranks higher across all search engines.
Website spam will be filtered out and monitored, to make sure thet your site remains clean and spam-free, while ensuring your genuine readers can still engage with your site.
Peace of mind

If you have a self-hosted WordPress website,
and you’re NOT regularly doing these maintenance tasks,
your site is at risk of irretrievable damage.
We need to talk.

How much is Peace of Mind worth to you?
Paid Monthly
Pocket change.
12 payments of
excluding VAT where payable.

12 month contract.

Paid Quarterly
Most Popular.
4 payments of
excluding VAT where payable.

12 month contract.

Paid Annually
Best Value.
1 payment of
excluding VAT where payable.

12 month contract.