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Website Design: kleineMUNCHKIN


Kleine Munchkin is a wonderful Rotterdam-based business run by local Rotterdam mother and early childhood education specialist Linda Kooijman. Kleine Munchkin helps busy parents of children aged between 0-4 to find ways to entertain and educate their kids at home, using simple, accessible ingredients and activities. Kleine Munchkin also runs workshops and parties for toddlers and young children, and offers workshops and courses in Baby Massage and Baby Yoga.

When Linda approached me to help her with her new business, I was excited and delighted to help her. Together we made a list of everything she wanted to do with her new business, and who she wanted to target as her ideal customer.

Based on the discussions and planning we did, I designed her brand identity, and a website to match. Together we ran a series of staged photoshoots, to ensure all the images on her site would reflect her branding and marketing message. I offered creative direction, I photographed these sessions, and I edited the pictures for use on her website.

I designed and built the Kleine Munchkin website, with her ideal persona in mind, using the Victoria Theme by BluChic on Creative Market. We collaborated on content strategy, to make a clear plan for monetising her business in a way Linda would be able to maintain and enjoy. I set up the website with a beautiful front end and a functional, easy to use back end. There is an infrastructure in place to ensure the website is safe, secure and remains backed up and up to date. The site is also SEO optimised, social media optimised, and connected to analytics.

I designed the layouts for her mailing list opt-in incentives, as well as her site graphics. I also created 3 months worth of daily Instagram images for the @kleinemunchkin instagram account, to give a cohesive feel across all her marketing channels.


WordPress, BluChic Theme, Brand Photography, Visual Branding, Inbound Marketing, Asset Creation

Date Published
May 2017


Custom Package

Kleine Munchkin was such a fun project to work on. I adore working with entrepreneurs, to help them bring their vision for their company to life.

  • Brand consultancy 15% 15%
  • Brand Photography 40% 40%
  • Website Development 40% 40%
  • WordPress Training 5% 5%

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