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WordPress Development and SOS: Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

Owned by Delft-based consultancy i2i Practical Communications, Mirror Mirror is a structured process to facilitate team alignment during transition or change to new situations.

I first began working with Mirror Mirror when my friend and colleague Natali Drake was working with Mirror Mirror on their visual branding. She came across some technical bugs that she was unable to resolve, and called in my assistance.

I was initially engaged to perform some small visual tweaks to the website. After learning more about the original build of the website, I set up the following:

  • A regular, reliable, automated backup system to ensure that if anything brought the website down, it would be able to be restored quickly and easily.
  • An industry-standard website security system to work to protect the website in real-time against malicious attacks.
  • Lightweight caching to speed up page load times.
  • An SEO optimisation tool to make sure that as all future content was uploaded to the website, it was able to be optimised for both human users and search engines.

I also filmed some personalised training videos to make sure that Lindsay, the owner of the company, would have something to refer back to when adding new content to her website in future.

When Lindsay was alerted to unusual activity on her website by the security solution I implemented, I immediately made myself available to investigate the activity and ensure the site was safe and secure.

As Mirror Mirror has grown and matured as a company, the site has also grown and developed. I’ve been so pleased to continue working with Lindsay on making sure her website is a perfect fit for her company. Most recently, I’ve been working to update the overall look and feel of the Mirror Mirror website, including:

  • Updating branded images to bring them into alignment with the direction Mirror Mirror is developing.
  • Creating new pages on the website, and designing them to be consistent with the overall look and feel of the website.
  • Adding interactive elements to the website to make it more engaging and applealing to site visitors.
  • Ensuring that all software operating the site is fully up to date and making sure that the site is as protected as the day I set up the infrastructure.


WordPress, Divi Theme, Asset Sourcing, Graphic Design, Canva

Date work commenced
June 2017

Mirror Mirror

Custom Package

I have been so delighted to work with Lindsay and Mirror Mirror, and look forward to continue working with this inspiring company.

It’s been a delightful mix of WordPress support and Website design, with a touch of brand consultancy and the occasional bit of social media consultancy.

  • WordPress Support 60% 60%
  • Website Design 20% 20%
  • WordPress Training 10% 10%
  • Brand consultancy 5% 5%
  • Social Media consultancy 5% 5%

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